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Parent Advisory Meetings

Adventuretime welcomes parents to attend parent advisory meetings that are held throughout the year. The Adventuretime leadership team will use parent feedback to improve the overall quality of programming we provide for preschool through fifth grade students who attend Adventuretime (i.e., before/after school, preschool, all-day, and summer programs).  Our goal is to have productive, honest conversations with parents and to use your feedback to plan, make recommendations and improve the overall quality of programming for the students we serve.   
Please contact your building’s Adventuretime team leader or the program directors if you would like to be a consistent parent advisory representative for the school where your child(ren) attend.  If you are unable to attend the meetings, feel free to contact the program director/assistant director with your feedback at any time throughout the year.

Director: Ashley Myers


Phone: 515-457-5854

Assistant Director: Kellie Dickinson


Phone: 515-457-5859